Home about site preserve your article content quality guidelines disclaimer tos contact us skip to content what is deficiency of iga and igg subclasses? Varun ghosh it is the most common congenital immunodeficiency syndrome. viagra for sale generic viagra online buy cheap viagra cheap generic viagra canadian viagra discounts buy viagra generic best generic viagra order viagra online usa viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra When iga-bearing b lymphocytes fail to mature into iga-secreting plasma cells, serum iga levels are reduced ensuing iga deficiency. Failure of terminal b-cell differentiation is attributed to: (1) an intrinsic b-cell defect, (2) inadequate or defective t-helper cells, (3) presence of or excessive iga- specific t-cell suppressor cells, and (4) passage of maternal anti-iga antibodies that suppress fetal iga development. Iga antibody deficiency disease may be asymptomatic, but more commonly it leads to recurrent respiratory and digestive tract infections. Since iga antibodies present in mucosal layer gives protection to respiratory and digestive tracts, in the absence of iga intact pathogens are able to penetrate mucosal surfaces and cause infections. Individuals with iga deficiency tend to develop type ii hypersensitivity (immune complex disease) problems. Unlike more generalized 'hypo-gamma-globulinemias'. Iga deficiency could not be treated with gama globulin therapy. Since the person with iga deficiency is capable of producing normal amounts of other antibodies, their immune system may recognize injected iga as foreign body and produce antibodies against the injected antibodies resulting in the formation of immune complex triggering 'immune complex syndrome'. Iga antibody deficiency is associated with deficiencies of certain igg subclasses. Because in intrinsic b-cell defect, the alpha one gene may be deleted along with other heavy-chain genes, homozygous deletions of large portions of the ig heavy-chain locus may result in complete absence of 3 or more ig classes (igg2, igg4, igal, and occasionally ige). Igg2 subclass deficiency is most commonly associated with iga deficiency. You may also like: complete information on achievements in protein engineering and design short essay.

Literacy Volunteers of Bastrop

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 The mission of the Literacy Volunteers of Bastrop (LVB) is to enhance community members' quality of life by increasing their economic and social independence through improved literacy. It coordinates and supports high-quality literacy services throughout Bastrop county to create to a community where businesses can hire, people can work, and families can thrive!

LVB offers FREE tutoring services to adults in the following subject areas:
basic reading, General Education Diploma (GED) preparation, English as a Second Language (ESL),  and Workplace Literacy.

Literacy Volunteers of Bastrop is supported, in part, by the following

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